About Me

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I am a software developer with 8+ years experience, writing a variety of software applications and systems including web applications, automation platforms and distributed systems.

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Technical Skills

  • Programming – Ruby, Crystal, Go, Javascript & Typescript
  • Agile software development – using Kanban, delivering iteratively with close customer interaction.
  • Software design – developing maintainable code, passionate about best practices and design patterns.
  • Web development – Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Hotwire, RESTful APIs. Some experience with React.
  • Distributed systems - microservice architecture, event-driven systems & observability patterns.
  • TDD and BDD – Experience with RSpec, Cucumber, Capybara, Cypress, Mocha & Jest.
  • Databases – PostgreSQL & MariaDB, experience with NoSQL technologies such as ElasticSearch & MongoDB.
  • DevOps – provisioning infrastructure with Ansible, resolving live issues and scaling applications.
  • AI/LLMs – developed a PoC experimenting using LLMs (mistral + llama2) to interact with operational documentation.
  • Other skills – Elm, Node.js, Linux, Bash, CI/CD (Jenkins & GitLab), Docker, Git, Vim, Kafka, Nginx & Grafana.